Creating Your Own Animated Threat Map

One day, I was challenged to create a “live” threat map from our existing SIEM data for display on our SOC wall screens. Never one to shrink from a challenge, I accepted. But I know practically no JavaScript, I’m not a web developer by any stretch of the imagination, and I had nowhere to start except this project, which is a joke threat map that plots random attacks using random geographical coordinates. [Read more...]

Various Shell Tricks

Quickest way to get your ssh key to a remote host: ssh-copy-id Shuffle items in a file: cat file.txt | perl -MList::Util=shuffle -e 'print shuffle(<STDIN>);' >file-shuffled.txt Count the number of comma-separated items on each line in a file: cat file.txt |perl -ne 'print 1+@{[/,/g]},"\n"' Count number of comma-separated items on each line in a file, and generate average of items: cat file.txt |perl -ne 'print 1+@{[/,/g]},"\n"' |awk '{ sum += $1; n++ } END { if (n > 0) print sum / n; }' Give the average of a list of numbers in a file: Cat numbers-list. [Read more...]

Practice for OSCP

There are several excellent places online you can practice for the PWK/OSCP course and certification. In no certain order, they include: OverTheWire HackThisSite VulnHub HackSplaining CTF365 Root-Me Hacking Lab Pentester Lab