I’ve got a passion for puzzles. I’m driven to solve problems. I think like the bad guys, but I work for the good guys. I apply my substantial technological and psychological background to the art of information security.

I’ve been working with technology for not just my entire career, but my entire life. My first formal computer education was in FORTRAN, Pascal, and BASIC, while I was teaching myself 6502 assembly. I’ve always had a fascination with computer security, and that fascination has carried over into my career. Designing and deploying perimeter security. Implementing defense-in-depth. Token management. Postmaster. IDS and firewall management. Log correlation and analysis. Application security. Threat hunting. Computer network defense. Incident response. Forensics. Wireless surveys. Writing policy, penetration testing, algorithm development, advanced analytics, automation – I’ve done just about everything at one point or another.

Throughout, my passion has been studying the border areas where technology and psychology meet. Where humans and machines interact, there are fascinating lands full of chaos and mystery, waiting to be explored and exploited.